10 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Food Truck Managers

10 Characteristics Of Highly Effective Food Truck Managers

When a customer walks up to a food truck that is a smooth running mobile food operation, they may not notice how efficient it really is. On the other hand, step up to a truck that isn’t managed properly, and there will be multiple times during the transaction that it’s inefficiency shines through.

In most food trucks there is no one person that impacts the day-in, day-out profitability and success like the person who manages the truck’s kitchen. Whether the truck is managed by the owner, or someone who they trust, there are certain lessons that can be learned from each of them.

Here are 10 traits that we’ve noticed consistently in food truck managers of the most successful mobile food businesses:

  1. The best food truck managers can be found in the truck, not outside of it.
  2. They keep the recipe binders up-to-date, in good condition and easy to find.
  3. They make using the recipe cards mandatory. They don’t trust anyone’s memory.
  4. They plan for “teaching moments” every day.
  5. They conduct food demonstrations for new items during pre-shift meetings.
  6. They perform detailed line checks before the truck leaves the commissary.
  7. They develop key people for the service window.
  8. They constantly encourage communication and organization.
  9. They are dedicated to achieving fast ticket turns.
  10. They manage the “flow” inside the truck and don’t get wrapped up in one task.


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