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Part of the clothing display cabinet

                                   Part of the clothing display cabinet  Clothing display cabinet is used to display the service container, it is primarily a public place container, so that customers desire to buy occur, and to facilitate their purchase, exudes goods, so clean clothing display cabinet will directly affect commodity Sales and corporate brand image. Clothing Showcase modification of the clothing is also very good, so as to enhance the clothing temperament, so clothing becomes more beautiful, more mood; [...]


How to start a cell phone kiosk in shopping mall

How to start a cell phone kiosk in shopping mall   By providing people a convenient way to shop for cellphones and accessories,you can start you cell phone and accessories  business in malls and shopping centers.Technology keeps changing,people have a constant need to upgrade their current  cellphone and purchase the latest cell phone accessories.If you open a cell phone accessories in mall,there will be a great  demand of cell phone accessories,so it will boost your sales.Promote your business by offering effective customer service  and show your professionality in cell phone industry. Items you will need: Cell phone kiosk Display equipment Cell phone and accessories Cashier Computer retail software Step1: Select a suitable location for your cell phone kiosk.If chosen suitable location and target market,your business will go well  and become competitive. Step2: To save cost and budget, you can choose shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd.We provide factory direct sale and have 10  years experience in this field.All your demands will be met,you will own a most satisfying cell phone accessories kiosk. Step3: Assemble your cell phone accessories kiosk.Arrange display hooks and shelves to accommodate cellphone and accessories. Install cashier,credit card terminals and business phone line,display case and display equipment. [...]


Jewelry cabinet maintenance

Welcome to Unique Furniture Limited,now let us tell you how to maintain jeweilry cabinet easily. 1.Toothpaste cleaning method: display cabinets white paint surface, the day will be a long yellowed, not only look old, but also very refreshing feeling. You can with a rag dipped in toothpaste or tooth powder gently deposited on top, use toothpaste bleaching effect, display cabinets paint colors can turn from yellow to white. However, the friction force when wiping avoid because [...]