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how to open a eyebrow store

how to open a eyebrow stote dear, warm welcome visit our product, we mainly do customized of salon kiosk, Like nail kiosk, eyebrow kiosk , hair kiosk. teeth kiosk and so on, all of our salon kiosk are customixed according to your requirement Details of this eyebrow kiosk  production name  eyebrow kiosk design in mall for sale  material [...]


The important notes of perfect design of showcase

The important notes of  perfect design of showcase: 1 The first is the design style , the overall effect must , showcase and interior decoration must be consistent , showcase specialized manufacturers looking to buy , to ensure that showcase the life , increase the value of goods, increase market competitiveness . 2 Glass : There are clear glass , tempered clear glass , white glass , tempered white glass , ultra- white glass and crystal glass. 3 [...]


Difference between mdf and plywood

What is MDF?    Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product formed from wood fibers obtained  by breaking down hardwood and softwood using a defibrator. The wood fibers are then glued together  using wax and resin adhesive and made into panels by applying high temperature and pressure. What is Plywood?    Plywood is made from good log called peelers. Thin layers are peeled from the wood by rotating it along its horizontal axis. The sheets of veneer thus obtained are cut to the desired dimensions, dried, patched,  glued together and then baked in a press at 140 °C (284 °F) and 1.9 MPa (280 psi) to form a plywood  panel. Strength and durability    MDF is not as hard as plywood and can be damaged easily when handled rough. It is not as stiff as  plywood and can sag with weight when used as shelves without reinforcement.    The cross graining of plywood improves dimensional stability by reducing expansion and shrinkage  equating. The strength of panels is consistent across both directions. Moreover, the odd number of  sheets reduces warping. Another advantage of plywood is that extreme cold does not affect its  dimensions or strength. Disadvantages and Risks   Plywood    Plywood is porous and is susceptible to damage when exposed to water over time. MDF · MDF produces a large amount of dust when cut. It should be cut in a ventilated environment    and a respirator is advisable when cutting MDF. [...]