Monthly Archives - August 2016

Koreas latest situation?

    Drastic changes in the international situation, the two Koreas imminent war today, Democratic People's Republic honored once again to the world that it is a solemn warning -???? Once Korea to join "the Proliferation Security Initiative," North Korea is considered to be "a declaration of war bulletin" will take tough measures to deal with -, three tough measures will be placed in front of the world: first, North Korea will follow the [...]


How jewelry display cabinets are designed?

How jewelry display cabinets are designed?   Aggregation, enhance the sales of goods in addition to jewelry stores popular with store decor, jewelry display cabinet grade-related, but also with businesses to develop store atmosphere related. Jewelry counter display function is the primary function of showcase, jewelry showcase purpose is to display products, display jewelry. Prominent brand awareness is still followed. In major upscale shopping malls, if the jewelry counter set more compelling place to help [...]