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Crazy in summer silk taste ice cream cup

Welcome to browse our website:                                                Dear friends, summer is coming! What are yo waiting for, just tasting cool ice cream together!   Unique in China ice cream machine/ice cream kiosk/ice cream cart approved UL, CE, ISO, SGS.   Today we share how to choose ice cream:   Ice cream on the market [...]


How to Design a Kiosk

Step 1- Choose what type of experience you want your customer to have. In general, there are two types of kiosks: one that has a personal attendant and one that uses a digital, computer-based interface. Attendants can make the kiosk experience more personal and can help attract more people, but computer models also make the experience more interactive. Step 2- Analyze the weather conditions. Maintenance issues vary depending on the weather conditions at the location of your kiosk. [...]


Role of lighting on a kiosk

1 tube lights: tube lights jeweler making jewelry appraisal must be used in the procurement of light, only suitable for jewelry store space lighting.   2 Diamond Light Halogen (4500K):. This is a relatively specialized diamond lighting lights. Light color is better, to better show the color and cut charm. Compared with the general halogen lamp, it has certain advantages, used in jewelry lighting, it also has the problem can not be avoided, the [...]