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The main feature of Acrylic .

The main feature of Acrylic: 1.Long service life compared with other materials, the products made in Acrylic is durable over three years. 2.impact resistance is strong ,it is often 16times as ordinary glass, suitable for installation in specific safe area. 3.Light weight ,almost half times of the common glass, it can also reduce the stress of holding-up. 4.The color is gorgeous, high brightness,no other materials can be equaled. 5..Clean is very easy ,clean rain can be natural cleaning or with soap and soft cloth to clean. 6.Acrylic is a Eco-friendly material, we should always enhance the sense of environmental protection.


How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale?

  How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale? How to design jewelry display cabinet will look more upscale? We take a look at how the design of a large sea: 1, Showcase terms of color: Jewelry showcase color design should be simple, if the color change is likely to cause too many consumers fail to visual fatigue but focused effect. Use of corporate logos and colors similar [...]


The material of cosmetic kiosk

Using high-density fiberboard or plywood system backplane, cabinet or enclosure made of glass, acrylic material or wood paint boxes boxes. Disassembly can be made on-site installation, produce different specifications according to customer needs style boxes, cabinets, backplane; overall appearance, generous, apply, demonstrate a significant effect, precisely to pass the information customers want to express the brand to ensure display of results and brand integrity, consistency, integration, marketing to reach the desired goal. Professional production team will be able [...]