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Business Idea Center: Gourmet Coffee Kiosk

Business Idea Center: Gourmet Coffee Kiosk Business Overview Millions of cups of coffee are consumed daily in the U.S., and thousands of entrepreneurs are capitalizing financially because of it. And you can, too, by opening a gourmet coffee kiosk. Rent a kiosk in a mall or market location and provide customers with the best coffee and tea selections available from around the world. You can purchase or lease coffee [...]


How to plan the location of your nail kiosk

    How to plan the location of your nail kiosk    Shenzhen Unique is a professional factory to do the kiosks,including food kiosk,food cart,mail kiosks,eyebrow kiosks,teeth whitening kiosks,cosmetic display kiosks,jewelry display kiosk,etc.Now,i will introduce you for the nail kiosk,they have long term relationship with LAKA,and they will make 30 sets nail kiosks every month,so,full experiences instored.     For the nail kiosk planning,you should take the chair size,pedicure chair size and display size,etc,to [...]


Proecedure for food kiosk manufacturing .

If you are a foreigner who ordered a food kiosk in China may want to know the process of food kiosk manufacture. There are two suggestions, first, you can come to China to supervise it, or you can surf the Internet and get some knowledge. If you still have no idea, please refer to this article, it will be of use.   Step one: Cutting. After order confirmation, we have to arrange the material for the food kioskm [...]