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How do display cabinets keep longer fine?

How do display cabinets keep longer fine? 1 , display cabinet should avoid direct sunlight . Although there is no summer autumn sun violent, but prolonged sun exposure coupled with the already dry climate , the wood is too dry , prone to cracks and partial fade. 2 , to prevent dust. General use of mahogany , teak , oak , walnut and other wood production more upscale commercial display cabinets have beautifully carved decoration , if not regularly cleaned [...]


Cosmetic display cabinets and display placed

1 , store display acrylic cosmetic display cabinets have a sense of rhythm Do not put too rigid color points left the store is cool right is warm too uncoordinated , have a sense of rhythm with well-being . 2 , acrylic cosmetic display cabinets show overall unity To achieve the display of results, fully embodies the brand design philosophy , from the overall design to in-store cosmetic counters LOGO , cashier placed other details , must reflect [...]


How to maintain baking paint cosmetic kiosk/jewelry kiosk/glasses kiosk

How to maintain baking paint cosmetic kiosk/jewelry kiosk/glasses kiosk   Edited by Jhon 2014.03.18        Baking paint < target="_blank">kiosks have smooth and high glossy surface. But sometime few nicks may be made on the surface by accident. And the nicks may get serious for a little bit long time, and apparent, which will affect the beauty of the kiosk. Then comes the problem-how to maintain the baking [...]