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Why we use Acrylic in mall kiosk building?

---Why we use Acrylic?  ---Excellent and Safe 1. High Transparent, Shiny and Smooth The light transmittance up to 92% to 93%, and it is known for “Plastic Crystal”;and the transparence almost not affected by thickness of acrylic plate; so Acrylic Box/Acrylic Case is ideal to show your products, particularly Cosmetics and Jewelries; 2. Strong and Tough Shock resistance of Acrylic Case is 16 times that of ordinary glass;(Acrylic was used as aircraft wind shield during Worldwar Two, and  used in tank view mirror because of the above 2 properties.) 3. Light Weight Acrylic Display Case weights about half of common glass and 43% of Aluminum, so costs less for transport, and safe for kids during use;  4. Easy to Clean To clean Acrylic Display Box, you simply need a piece of soft cotton cloth and some soapy water. 5. Excellent Weather Fastness; Anti-Uv, Yellowing-resistant Acrylic is adaptable to the natural environment, even a long time in sunlight, wind and rain, acrylic will not change its properties, of good anti-aging properties, and can be used outdoors for a long time without apparent change. 6. Non-poisonous, Environmental Protective Acrylic Product is harmless for your health even if you exposure of Acrylic products for long term; and it is recyclable.


Jewelry display cabinet in light of the advantages

1,Tube lights: tube lights jeweler making jewelry appraisal must be used in the procurement of light, only suitable for jewelry store space lighting. 2, Diamond Light Halogen (4500K): This is a relatively specialized diamond lighting lights. Light color is better, to better show the color and cut charm. Compared with the general halogen lamp, it has certain advantages, used in jewelry lighting, it also has the problem can not be avoided, the same part of the multi-spectrum [...]


The maintaining points of mobile phone showcase

Mobile Showcase maintenance points    1, will produce distortion at high temperatures, it is recommended storage temperature controlled at least below 50 ℃, continuous use temperature is not higher than 90 ℃.    2, acrylic resin due to the humidity will produce stretching. 若使 absorbing plate unevenly, with the degree of extension of each part of the sheet is different, sometimes warpage.    3, the surface hardness of the acrylic resin is [...]