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How to sell kiosks

How to sell kiosks With the competiton of kiosk market,more and more suppliers attended in.Unique was also thinking about the question,although they have more than 7 years experiences. The main products are food kiosk,salon kiosk,jewelry display,cosmetic display,food cart,exhibition booth,kitchen cabinets,etc. About the kiosk selling,The first thing to focus on is to attract the customer close to the RMU without going to get them in the hallways. The best way [...]


How to be appropriate when put the cosmetic kiosk in mall

   A successful cosmetic kiosk can attact to the people,and it is related with the place it puts.If the place is not appropriate,it will effect the show of the whole store.So how to be put and it will be appropriate?   1.The bed should not be put on the oppsite of the mirror.When people is fuzzy,they will be afraid because the other thing will be reflected on the mirror.   2.The showcase of cosmetic [...]


How to buy a high quality cell phone kiosk?

    How to buy a high quality cell phone kiosks?     When we prepare to  choose a cell phone kiosk,how can we recognize a high effective one ,the first thing we should focus on is their appearance.As my opinion,a modern fashional kiosk has more oppotunity to attractive consumers and stop their steps .so glad that our factory has our own design team,no matter what type of the kiosk you want to own,we will design for you!Then the materials are  significant,the [...]