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Inquiry for the unique kiosks

Inquiry for the unique kiosks    "Inquiry" is defined as "a seeking for truth, information, or knowledge -- seeking information by questioning."     The average top 10 inquiry for the kiosk one day is about 100,for the unique kiosks,it occupied about only 15,so,they raising space is large.With the developing og Unique,i think more and more people will known Unique kiosks,and,i hope the inquiry will more and more with time goes by. [...]


What’s backing paints showcase?

Shenzhen Unique Furniture is backing paints showcase manufacturer with 7 years experiences. We not only have a factory but also have a professional design team. Customized service is our special feature. We can customize your private showcase only tell us your logo, size, style, color, etc.   Q--What's backing paints showcase? A--Medium Density Fiberboard as basic material and then covered with backing panits.   Q--Why choose it? [...]


Six tips to make a nail kiosk

There are six ways to make a kiosk better. our key word is better kiosk   1.Contact us: If you are interested in our nail kiosk, you can send inquiry to our email, skype,  trademanager, etc. Please contact us freely, we will reply your inquiry as soon as possible.      2.Design: the design is our characteristic, we can make an new 3D design for you after know your  requirements. So it is very important to send us detail information, before your design, those information  should be supplied. 1). The size available for the nail kiosk 2). Your desired picture of nail kiosk or we can send you some for your choice. 3). Your specific needs in nail kiosk design. 4). Your logo, desired colors should be sent.      3. Confirm the design: we will send you the new design after we finish it, you should confirm the design.  If you need change the design, we will supply three times for you to modify the design. And also you  should get approved from the centre.   [...]