3 Misunderstandings for display showcase maintenance

3 Misunderstandings for display showcase maintenance

 3 Misunderstandings for display showcase maintenance


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1. Do not use rough rag or dressed clothes clean the display showcase

    It is better to use cloth of good hydroscopicity, like towel, cotton cloth, cotton fabrics or flannel cloth, etc. Because using these kinds of cloths will damages the surface.


2. Do not use dry rag to clean the dust on the surface

    Dust is composed of fabrics, sand and silica. Most People are used to clean the surface with dry rag. Actually, during the cleaning, micro grains of the dust have already caused damages to the painted surface. Although these damages are micro, even can be saw, for long time, the surface will be dark and rough, no longer glossy.


3. Do not use soap water, detergent or clean water to clean the display showcase

    Cleaning products, soaps water and detergent, can neither clean the stacked dust nor the micro grains. In addition, they have certaincorrosivity, so they may damage the surface, getting the painted side dark.

Meantime, if the moisture permeates into the wood, the wood will get molded or deformed, shorting its service life. Now most display showcases are made by fabric board. If the moisture permeated, during the first two years, because the additives, like formaldehyde, do not volatilize fully, the showcase will not get molded. But if it is volatilized, the moisture of the wet cloth will leads the showcase to get moldy.



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