5+ Unique Jewelry kiosk design share.

5+ Unique Jewelry kiosk design share.

         We are professional jewelry kiosk manufacturer with 10 years experience, all our products can be customized. We have made many kinds of jewelry kiosk at all over the world, such as UK, Australia, America, Canada, Spain, Brazile,etc. We have professional design team, so your needs in jewelry kiosk can be met.

        There are many style jewelry kiosk we have done. The surface treatment is baking paint, it feel smooth, uniform color, gloss, matt light optional. We usually use tempered glass to be showcase, or you can choose what material you like. The skirting is stainless steel, it can protect the jewelry kiosk

        Do you know hoe to design our jewelry kiosk?  Before designing, the following information should be sent

1. The size available for the jewelry kiosk

2. Your desired picture of jewelry kiosk or we can send you some for your choice.

3. Your specific needs in jewelry kiosk design.

4. Your logo, desired colors should be sent.

       After knowing the basic information as mentioned above, our design team can start to design the jewelry kiosk.It takes about 3-5 days for our design team to work out the 3D design for your jewelry kiosk. 

        And do you know how to maintain your jewelry kiosk? If you don’t know, there are some suggestion for you.

1. You should avoid prolonged sun exposure, avoid surface of showcase is hurt by glue, etc. Avoid using solvents and strong cleaning agents on the surface.

2. Don’t  put showcase closer to a place away from the water, to prevent deformation and mildew

3.Easy to clean, a soft towel can remove the dust of  surface. The product has a strong environmental  

   adaptability, so it doesn’t  need to deliberately maintenance

4.When the jewelry kiosk surface stained with dirt, you should follow the instructions to use a special paint

   surface clearnersor

For more information about jewelry kiosk and jewelry kiosk design, you can contact me freely.


Date: 11, 3, 2014

Editor: Ruby Li

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