A commercial glasses display cabinet display design and production of material model

A commercial glasses display cabinet display design and production of material model

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1. A common modeling tools and materials.
Common Tools glasses display cabinet showcase model making are: steel measuring tape, scale, rectangular foot, art-foot, wood ruler, hook knife, hacksaw, hacksaw, scissors, board filing, needle files, drills, grinders, vise, pliers, needle nose pliers, and so on.
Commonly used materials, what does? Such as cardboard, blow paper, glass, wood, wood, wood, foam, sponge, sticky notes, colored paper, double sided tape and so on.

2.  production steps
—— Three views for design modeling base by drawing ——- bottom line positioned on the floor, and for ground effect —— Click image processing each single piece Pieces — — —— decorative piece sketch comedy piece fixed to the base plate fitted to the overall decor —— completed.

Processing Note: The display cabinet design modeling process, we want to proportion the precise size, with particular attention to the relationship between horizontal vertical Square, repeating the same form of a single piece of comedy with particular attention to consistency.


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