A juice kiosk will accompany you during hot summer

A juice kiosk will accompany you during hot summer

A juice kiosk will accompany you during hot summer


It is high summer now in China and the weather is going to be hot everyday, how about your country, also very hot now? Would you like to start a meaningful thing in this summer, how about owning a juice business in a cooling shopping mall? If so, our unique will help you to do it, let a < http://www.mykioskey.com" target="_blank">juice kiosk accompany you during this hot summer.


A juice kiosk will be designed base on your personal ideas and reuqest, include the kiosk shape, the kiosk color, and the kiosk style, etc. Anyway, our professional designers will make it more attractive and cooling for you, even put some ice on the kiosk design, so if any ideas in your mind, just share with us. Take one of our juice kiosk design as an example, le me introduce the design ideas with you as follows.


This < " target="_blank">juice kiosk is designed in 4m by 3m, with white, green and pink color, seems simple but can be very nice. The white color on the kiosk body designed like the water the juice, also add the cup deisgn on it, this can help to make the whole kiosk more fantastic and then attract more passers-by, especially for children and young girls.


In front of the kiosk, it is light box with menu, cashier counter and topping area, if you are also going to sell bubble tea in the kiosk, this can be very convenient for you, customers can see what they need easily, while we will put the water sink at the back side of the kiosk that customers can’t see it, yes?


Above are some ideas about < " target="_blank">juice kiosk I would like to share with you, if you are going to own a cooling juice business in the shopping mall, hope this can help to come up with some ideas and suggestions for you, thank you.



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5th, July, 2016

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