About accessories for the mall kiosks

About accessories for the mall kiosks

Today i want to introduce you about the mall kiosk. In other words, what’s in a kiosk? Let’s start with the standard of the kiosk. We all know that kiosks are made up of counters. This is for food kiosk. Some kiosks made of tempered glass. Such as cellphone kiosk and jewelry kiosk. Now let’s talk about the accessories.


Electric circuit are essential. If your kiosk have many light, such as the cellphone kiosk have many glass display showcase. Each glass needs a light on top. At this time we need to prepare voltage. Our transformers can use the models specified in your country, so don’t worry about not meeting the standards of your country. Sockets are also standard in your country. So it’s very safe in electrical terms. For more need to control the lights, we will also be equipped with a switch box. The socket is used to connect your machines.

LED Strip

This is only common in cellphone kiosk or jewelry kiosk. LED strip is not only energy-saving, but also very environmentally friendly. Its normal life is between 80,000 and 100,000 hours. It’s very popular because of its small size and good lighting effect. It is well hidden on the top of the glass which is hard to see with the naked eye. The LED strip should be used with transformer. For cellphones and jewelry display, the choice of lighting is also very important. Different lighting is chosen for different products, the effect is different. The most common are cold light and warm light. If you show gold, can use warm white light. If you show your phone, you can use cold light.

Water System Sink/Basin

Sink usually use in the food kiosk. Because a lot of food needs to be washed, we also often use our hands to cook. In order to be more clean and hygienic, we need to wash our hands frequently. If you have water in the mall, we can only provide water tanks. If you don’t have source of water in the mall. We can provide you the water pump. Basin usually in manicure kiosk. Although they’re all sinks, but they look different. Manicure sinks look a little more elaborate. When people want to get their nail done. They need to wash their hands and push the dead skin off the bottom of their nails.So whether it’s a food kiosk or a nail kiosk, we will add the sink as long as the guest requests it.

Light Boxes

Almost all kiosks are equipped with light boxes. It can be used as a decoration or as a poster to show your products. It can be used on a tower or on a kiosk body. No matter where it is, it can make your kiosk look more attractive.


Basically every kiosk will have a logo as long as it has its own logo. On the one hand can promote their own brand, on the other hand can also be used as decoration. It can be luminous or not. It can be attached directly with glue or hollowed out in a kiosk. Logo is important for a kiosk. So if you have your logo,please put it in your kiosk.

All of these accessories are important parts of a kiosk that will help you build your business and attract more customers. If you want to make a mall kiosk, we can help you. Please contact us when you want to make it.

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