American coffee brand recommendation and the 8 most frequented coffee shops in the United States

American coffee brand recommendation and the 8 most frequented coffee shops in the United States

America’s Most Frequented Coffee Shops and Popular Brands
Americans drink coffee has become their daily life, at least one cup a day, whether it is winter or summer, they drink hot coffee in winter, and iced coffee in winter. The Chinese in China are also influenced by American coffee culture. The first cup of coffee they consume in the United States may be Starbucks, but they will gradually find that many other coffees taste better or have a more elegant environment. Some cafes also provide exquisite coffee. baked goods, such as donuts, sandwiches, etc., so they have become synonymous with American breakfast shops. If you don’t know where to find a good coffee besides Starbucks, you can try the following recommended coffee shops Try it, these brands can also be found in China, the stores are blooming everywhere, and the crowds are surging!

  1. Peet’s Coffee
    Peet’s Coffee is known as the father of Starbucks. As early as 1966, Peet’s was founded in Berkeley, California by Alfred Peet, a Dutch baker. At that time, Peet’s was the first coffee shop on the West Coast to introduce dark roasted Arabica coffee beans. It sold roasted beans while selling coffee, so it was known as the birthplace of heavy roasting fashion and espresso in the United States. In 1971, when the three Starbucks founders set out to open the first Starbucks in Seattle, the United States, they were actually directly influenced by Peet’s. In the first year of opening, they also purchased coffee beans directly from Peet’s. Enjoying coffee in Peet’s Coffee is very relaxing, the atmosphere is good, open and bright, not too elegant, more casual, order a cup of coffee and sit down to enjoy the afternoon sun, or chat with friends!
  2. illy
    illy coffee comes from Italy and is very popular in the United States. It uses 100% top-selected Arabica coffee beans to create a unique and mellow flavor. The quality of illy coffee comes from the careful selection of coffee beans and the elimination of inferior quality Or for immature beans, as long as 50 selected coffee beans can be perfectly transformed into a cup of mellow and full-bodied coffee, leaving a lasting fragrance on the lips and teeth.
  3. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
    The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf started business in 1963 and has more than 1,000 business outlets around the world, making it a coffee operator with a long history in the world. Relax with a cup of coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and sip on one of our popular smoothies, vanilla and mocha lattes, or our ever-popular chai latte. Customers who prefer a minimalist style can choose from a wide variety of aromatic coffees or “daily treats”. Savor mouth-watering puffs, muffins, bagels and irresistible cakes while sipping gourmet coffee.
  4. Starbucks
    Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee chain, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. In Starbucks, you can buy handmade espresso, a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, fresh and delicious pastries and so on. You can also buy various products of Starbucks online, such as top coffee beans and instant coffee, etc. Why so many couples like to go to Starbucks cafes for dates? The romantic atmosphere of Starbucks coffee shop.
  5. Caribou Coffee
    Caribou Coffee (Reindeer Coffee) is a well-known coffee chain, established in Atlanta, USA in 1992. His family is a partner of the Rainforest Alliance and is famous in the United States for its high-quality coffee, tea, decaffeinated beverages and boutique snacks. If you are hungry or have breakfast, you can also enjoy sandwiches and salads at his house. The atmosphere of the Reindeer Cafe is relaxed and pleasant, just like its theme: “Life is more than coffee, That’s why there’s coffee (life is more than a cup of coffee, this is the meaning of coffee!)
  6. Dunkin’ Donuts
    Dunkin’ Donuts (Dunkin’ Donuts) was founded in 1950 from Boston, USA. Now it is the world’s largest chain brand of coffee and baked goods. Its signatures are hot coffee, iced coffee, donuts and baked goods. With sales of nearly 1 billion cups of coffee, it has been voted America’s favorite coffee brand. But in China, his beautiful donuts have become the favorite of fairies. His coffee is made from high-quality 100% Arabica coffee beans, fresh and delicious.
  7. Coffee Beanery
    Coffee Beanery is the earliest coffee chain brand founded in Michigan, USA. Brand promotion focuses on emphasizing that his coffee beans are Arabica Specialty Right Roast varieties, which means that the quality of coffee beans is relatively high. His chain stores are also located in many cities in China, especially his Decaf series is very popular. Thicker than other brands. In addition to ordering coffee, you can also order food in the cafe, with a wide variety
  8. Tim Hortons
    Tim Hortons is also a coffee that Americans especially like to drink. In fact, it comes from Canada. Tim Hortons has become the national coffee brand of Canada, because when you go shopping, you can see a Tim Hortons with a red logo everywhere, and the pedestrians around you are holding a cup of Tim Hortons coffee. . In addition to coffee, his house also has other snacks, such as donuts, sandwiches, etc. Many people will choose to buy a cup of coffee and a donut for breakfast at his house, so it is quite a famous fast food restaurant!

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