An introduction to a highly rated ice cream kiosk

An introduction to a highly rated ice cream kiosk

Ice cream has always been popular with people. Ice cream is a product of all ages. It have many flavor and many beautiful shape. It is not harmful to the body, and it’s cheaper. Many big brands also sell ice cream, such as KFC and McDonald’s. Of course, ordinary mall are also available. They don’t like KFC have their own store, although they don’t have a store. But they also can sell ice cream very well. Today i want to share a kiosk specializing in ice cream.

Appearance Design

The color of this kiosk is white, purple and red. Its shape is similar to that of a flower.

The front and side are a logo in the shape of a heart. Right side have a door can go into the kiosk. This kiosk have a under refrigerator. The counter can cash register and  some juice machine. The back inside can put a big ice cream machine. What machines do you have that can arrange for you if your kiosk is big enough.

Physical picture

This kiosk size is 3x3m.Basic material is MDF. Surface finish is gloss baking paint. Logo is made of acrylic. Stainless steel kick. Hardware fitting. Socket circuit for equipment operation. Very easy to clean artificial stone counter-tops. The water system provides clean water. Give it the functionality of a store. We strictly according to the design drawings for production, strict control of product quality. Make the 3D picture real. The most important is it was recognized by the customer.


The customer is very happy after receiving the product. Because it looks exactly like the design, and the quality is very good. Especially attractive in the shopping mall.

We’ve done a lot of mall kiosk, and most of them get good reviews, and this is just one of them. For ice cream kiosk, you need to highlight its features. Such as above kiosk, it have ice cream models. It can make the kiosk looks more lovely. Young children like this model very much. If you put the ice cream model in there, it can bring you a lot of customers. If you have a better ideas for ice cream kiosk design , you can tell us, then we will design it for you. Look forward to your coming.

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