Black & Gold luxury perfume display kiosk

Black & Gold luxury perfume display kiosk

It’s time to introduce the product. Do you like perfume? If you are a girl or a lady, I am sure you love it. Perfume can make you emit attractive charm, and its smell is very persistent, some people will spray a little perfume before going out. To maintain the body’s fragrance. There are also many very famous perfume brands on the market. We can see perfume anywhere. Of course, there are also many ways to sell perfume, today I will introduce a popular kiosk to you.

Let’s look at the 3d design pictures first.

This kiosk’s main color is black and gold, it is a very luxury color and looks elegant and high-end. Its display case is not uniform. Look at it this way more design sense and more attractive. People will more like these display cabinets. We use tempered glass as a display. Very durable and safe.

This kiosk we made of stainless steel, its presentation was very good. You can see the design picture, if you like this type, we can according to your size to design a similar one. And we can make the design first, then you can send the design to your mall for approval.

About our company

1) 10  Retail shop or Kiosk manufacture and design experience

2) One-stop business service : Design & Build & Shipment & Installation & After-sales service

3) professional design team help you design any style you want

4) 3000 sqm Workshop ( painting + hardware + carpenter )

5) Main market: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE

6) Main product: Food kiosk, Salon kiosk, phone kiosk, jewelry&watch&sunglass kiosk, cosmetic&skincare kiosk, shop furniture, outdoor kiosks

So if you get the space in your mall, you can tell us your size and your requirements, we can help you make the 3d design and details drawing. After approval, we can start the production and arrange the shipment. We are an export company. Our customers are all from all over the world, so you don’t have to worry that the goods cannot be shipped to you. We can arrange everything. If you have any questions or you also want to buy some machines and ship them with the kiosk, we can help you. So please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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