Brown ice cream display kiosk chocolate style kiosk

Brown ice cream display kiosk chocolate style kiosk

Hello. Hope everything is well. And welcome to our website. I believe you have seen many products here. Do you have one you like? If you do not completely meet your requirements, do not worry about winning. We are a custom company, you can customize your favorite kiosk. OK, today i want to introduce a ice cream ice-lolly display kiosk. The kiosk itself looks delicious. It looks like a chocolate bar. Let’s look at its picture.

We can see this kiosk is popsicle shape. On its handle counter, It’s a popsicle-shaped menu board. There can also be a seating area. The body is chocolate color. Counter around is some tempere glass, it can protect your ice cream. This kiosk set up some topping tray and with chocolate dipping dishes. Ice-lolly can dip it in chocolate sauce. Inside can put ice-lolly machine. There also have sink, you can wash your food. Look at this design picture, do you like it?


This kiosk size is about 4x3m. It made of MDF and baking paint. countertop is man-made stone. It is convenient for us to work. Work area rest rest area is very complete. If you like this type, you can make a similar one. Same shape or color. If you have logo, we will put your logo on the kiosk.

We have our factory and designer, so we can give you a comprehensive service. Our working process is make a design first. Before design, you need to pay 300usd, when confirm it, we will start the design, design time is about 2 days. When we finish the design, you can modify it. And you can sent it to your mall to get approval. After approval, we will start the production. And 300usd design deposit will deduct from your balance payment when we place an order. So the design is free. Our production time is about 25 days, transport times vary from country to country. Kiosk include light logo, light box poster, sink and sockets. All the wires will use your national standard. If you have any questions, you can contact me. Let’s talk about more details.

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