Bubble Tea Kiosk

bubble tea kioskLooking for the best quality bubble tea kiosk station and tea cart with the best price ? Here you are in the reight place.  Organic design bubble tea bar and stall for mall. Bubble tea is one of my favorite drinkings,some people will call it boba tea, as for mall business ideas , bubble tea kiosk or boba tea bar is very successful, is you want to open a bubble tea bar or kiosk stations in mall , UKS will give a great help on it .

Custom Bubble Tea Kiosk For Sale

UKS is a professional mall kiosk supplier in China , we have done many successful bubble tea franchise kiosk for our customer, you can check blow more design about our tea bar or tea kiosk , even a small business stand for tea carts& stands. We started exporting kiosk for bubble tea since 2002 , our tea kiosk will organic design is always welcomed by our customer. What’s more our material used to build the kiosk are in high quality and can meet world strict mall criteria and City Health department. Most of world big cities has our projects, bubble tea London,bubble tea Sydney,Bubble tea,New York. If can easy find one of our work in your nearby shopping mall.

Here blow are brief introduction of how to opening a bubble tea bar kiosk and shop in mall.

How To Start A Bubble Tea Kiosk Business ?

Bubble tea bar for sale, no matter what so called bar or kiosk , is a place that can serve bubble tea, normally they will put milk in it , so it also got a name for milk bubble tea , to open such a kiosk in a mall , here blow are the procedures:

  • Talk with mall manager and get a kiosk rental lease.
  • Design and build the kiosk.
  • Install kiosk and get it approved.
  • Hire workers or yourself to start business.

Build a bubble tea shop is much more complicated then a bar kiosk , for a bubble tea shop , you need large place and large investment. You need to install table and stool for people resting ,starting a bubble tea shop business  is very similar to open a fresh fruit juice shop, as they are all feed peoples thirsty, and most of the machines and equipment in kitchen are same. Normally design is the hardest part , you need to bring your ideas from you mind and make it come true, Here blow are some designs form UKS about bubble tea kiosk and bar for sale.

After you have checked our bubble tea bar kiosk design ,do you want to start a tea bar for yourself, as you know bubble tea kiosk is a very good and traffic catching business in mall ,start a bar like this is like starting your money making machine. If you want to start a bar kiosk like boba tea, UKS will be your best cooperator.

How To Get A Custom Tea Kiosk From UKS?

UKS provide free design of mall used bubble tea kiosk and tea shop. Here blow are procedure for designing a kiosk shop ,

  1. post us your dreamed ideas for your kiosk.
  2. provide us your size of your kiosk ,
  3. 200-500USD for deposit which is refundable after kiosk confirmed in our factory.
  4. provide different views of 3D rendering and construction drawings with detailed size.

Here you may be confused , why you say free design but charge 200-500USD based on size ? as we know we design the kiosk we need to spend time and effort on it the cot i much more then design fee you paid, to charge this design fee is to show a tender cooperate wish for two companies, and some of the customer get our design but not build in our factory ,this is great los for us, so we change the refundable rules ,For detailed information about this , please read our FAQ.  If you want to build a bubble tea kiosk or you want to start a design fro boba tea bar , welcome to inquiry.