Casual juice kiosk with seating area ice cream/cake display kiosk

Casual juice kiosk with seating area ice cream/cake display kiosk

Hello. Welcome to our website. After looking at the catalog of our website, you should know what we do. You probably also have this aspect demand, so you browse our website. Speaking of the kiosk, we all know they can be used in the mall. And it’s very common, all kinds of it. It can be like an outdoor shop and it also could be like a mini stand. Today I want to introduce the kiosk it is like a shop, it with working area and also with a seating area. Let’s look at its picture.


We can see that the kiosk is divided into two parts. One is the work area, the other is the seating area. When people have finished ordering, they can go to one side of the seating area and sit and wait. The countertop can hold the machines you need. What needs to be shown is that it can also be put on it so that the customer can pick and choose. The triple sink can be used to wash fruit or tools. Outside the kiosk are display cards and decoration. If you have a big space in the mall, you can make the kiosk like this one.

This kiosk size is about 6x5m. Material is plywood and laminate. Laminate is surface finish, it has many kinds for you to choose from. The countertop is made of man-made stone. As we can be seen from the picture, this kiosk is very good. We will install the socket to run the machine. We can according to all your requirements to design the kiosks. Because we are a custom company, if you want to make a kiosk, you can tell me the size you get from your mall. Then tell me all your ideas, we can design it. You can send the design to your mall for approval. After approval, we will start production. But before design, you need to pay a 300usd design deposit. When we place an order, it will deduct from your balance payment. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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