Chinese weapons are sold to?

Chinese weapons are sold to?

Chinese weapons are sold to?

According to Russia’s "military Messenger" magazine reported on March 26, in the past five years, Swedish think tank released a major exporter of weapons in the world rankings, a total of 55 countries on the list. U.S. to occupy 29% market share, Russia accounted for 27%, Germany 7%, China accounted for 6%, France 5%. Chinese arms imports decreased significantly increase exports.

America remains the world’s biggest arms dealers, at least 90 countries to export arms, the largest market in the Asia Pacific (47%), Middle East (28 percent) and Europe (16%). The main export products are aviation technology and equipment, including 252 combat aircraft, its share will increase in the future, plans to Australia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey and the UK supply of fifth-generation fighter F-35. Remote anti-missile system is also key products, has Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates delivery, also got Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and South Korea orders.

After overcoming the impact of the Russian crisis in the Soviet era, arms exports reached a new level of supply of military products to 52 countries, most notably the sale to India "Vic Rama Tia" aircraft carrier. The main markets are India (38%), China (12%) and Algeria (11%). From a regional perspective, the major Asia-Pacific (65 percent), Africa (14%) and the Middle East (10%). The main export products are aviation technology and equipment, including 219 combat aircraft. Another ships, including aircraft carriers and multi-purpose nuclear submarines to India supply.

China, as mentioned above, has made the greatest progress in the arms trade, success beyond France, ranked No. 4 in the world. 2009-2013 total military exports to China grew by 212%, of the world market share from 2% to 6%. In the meantime, China has the supply of weapons to 35 countries, including Pakistan (47 percent), Bangladesh (13%) and Myanmar (12%) accounted for nearly three 3/4.

The rapid development of China’s military technology, in part because it is under the Russian, U.S. and European manufacturers in direct competition conditions, successfully entered some weapons importer markets, including Algeria, Morocco and Indonesia, the supply of military products. China in particular "red flag -9" (FD-2000) air defense missile system in Turkey procurement tenders, the successful defeat all of the above competitors. Experts believe that, although the final results are not yet announced the bid, but China still has a meaningful victory is important. As for China’s successful "drained" French arms exports 13% of the share, mainly rely on licensed production of helicopters, especially China improved version of AS-565 helicopter straight -9.

Asia-Pacific region as the world’s largest arms market in the past five years, the supply of weapons to the Asia-Pacific region grew 34 percent, accounting for 47% of the total world‘s top three arms-importing countries of India, China and Pakistan, all from Asia. India’s military purchases grew by 111%, accounting for 14% of total world, almost three times that of China or Pakistan, the main source of weapons Russia (75%), the United States (7%) and Israel (6%). During this period, Chinese arms imports declined significantly a lot more than five years ago 11 percent of the share of imports, the main weapon source is Russia (64%), France (15%) and Ukraine (11%). During the same period, an increase of 119% Pakistani military procurement, of which 54% came from China, 27% from the U.S.


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