Classification of galvanized sheet

Classification of galvanized sheet

Classification of galvanized sheet
Production and processing methods can be divided into the following categories :
① hot-dip galvanized steel. The thin steel tank immersed in molten zinc , adhering to the surface of a thin layer of zinc plates . At present, the production of a continuous galvanizing process , namely the continuous rolls of steel dipped in melted zinc plating bath is made of galvanized steel ;
② alloyed galvanized steel. This steel is also manufactured by hot dip method , but after the tank , immediately put it heated to about 500 ℃, it generates an alloy of zinc and iron film . This galvanized sheet with good paint adhesion and weldability ;
③ galvanized steel . Such a galvanized steel sheet manufactured with good workability by a plating method . But the coating is thin , corrosion better than hot-dip galvanized sheet method ;
④ single and double differential plated galvanized steel . Sided galvanized steel, i.e., only one side of galvanized products . In terms of welding, painting , rust treatment , processing, has a better than two-sided galvanized sheet adaptability. To overcome the shortcomings of one-sided uncoated zinc , another one in another top coat with a thin layer of zinc galvanized sheet , namely poor sided galvanized sheet ;
⑤ alloys, composite galvanized steel. It is steel with zinc and other metals such as aluminum , lead, zinc and other alloys and even made into a composite plating . This plate has both superior rust resistance, and good coating performance ;
Apart from the above five kinds , there are color galvanized steel , galvanized steel sheet coated printing , PVC laminated galvanized steel plate. But still the most commonly used hot-dip galvanized sheet .

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