clean Showcase and kiosk

clean Showcase and kiosk

Our key word: showcase and kiosk

Here we go:


1 , be sure to use a clean cloth to clean the display cabinet . If not a clean cloth to clean the display cabinets, easily repeated in the commercial furniture dirt surface friction , but will damage the surface of the light display cabinets . So when display cabinets for cleaning, be sure to pay attention to with a clean rag to clean , it can not be reused again and again been soiled rags that side . After cleaning cloth or wipe off the dust , you should use the other side to wipe or change to use a clean cloth . In addition, when clean display cabinets, the best selection of towels, cotton , cotton and other absorbent cloth to wipe better good showcase . Coarse, cable head cloth or stitching, buttons and other fabrics prone to scratching the surface of display cabinets , should be selected so clean cloth.
    2, do not use soap , detergent or water to clean the display cabinet . Soapy water , detergent and other cleaning products not only can not effectively remove the accumulation of dust on the surface of the display cabinet , but they have a certain corrosive, easy corrosion, damage the surface of display cabinets , display cabinets allow the paint become bleak . Moreover, if the moisture to penetrate inside display cabinets , display cabinets are also prone to rot , mildew , etc., so to avoid Showcase encounter these . And you want to maintain the brightness of the original display cabinets , nice clean display cabinets, display cabinets currently nursing care spray wax and cleaning agents showcase two kinds of skin care products , you can choose one to be cleaned on the display cabinet .




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