Clothing display cabinet design visual elements

Clothing display cabinet design visual elements

 the use of a straight line of clothing display cabinets
     A, line represents the shortest distance between two points in geometry, with a strong visual tension
     B, orderly arrangement of linear obvious sense of order, and can effectively unify the entire display surface
     C, level with the line of sight guidance to attract the strongest effect
     D, vertical line has the effect of separating the more screen space is limited
     2, curves, arcs on display and in use
     A, from clothing display cabinet modeling perspective, the curve has become more freedom, active
     B, the curve can enrich the overall effect, changing from a simple linear cause cold, harsh climate
     3, use the show in round
     A, in the background shows a straight line, rectangle formed by a circular plane or spherical as other visual centers in stark contrast with the background
     B, round with good adaptability and coordination throughout the show


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