Common display props and ancillary facilities

Common display props and ancillary facilities




    Showcase is a utensil with a display, protection and collection of goods, such as wood or metal by the different materials . It has the effect of dividing the space itself , it is commonly used in the layout space structure. Showcase mainly closed and open type two categories . For customers, the display closed due to isolation and alienation have . Therefore, the clothing is commonly used in open display cabinets, which we exhibited relatively cordial manner , and to facilitate customers to buy .

Showcase display mode in accordance with sub- categories , there are usually one-sided , multi-faceted display cabinets and window display cabinet and protective cover and so on. In order to meet the needs of modern show , now on display in the commonly used display cabinets or display assembled , the use of titanium or stainless steel profiles composition, there are grooves or perforations , can put glass, composite panels on its vertical and horizontal components , grid and so on.

When using this type of display in many ways to check the display effects, such as lower commodity is not on the showcase according to seasonal changes in the product display . Lighting is not to make the product stand out.


Such props are exposed to physical exhibits and apparel goods set off props . It has let the exhibits and ground isolation , open into the exhibits different spatial isolation , by protecting , set off , the combination exhibits, plays a rich level of exhibition space , eye-catching effect. The main consideration for the use of stand type , height, size, shape, color, texture and other characteristics of the material .


Display as hanging , supporting the fight even the composition of boards or booth , display cabinets supporting skeleton can also be used directly as constituting partition, instead of the wall surface also has features that allow the display of goods with a transparent, vivid display . Usually characterized by the appearance of the image display frame structure , commonly used forms: floor- level frame , suspension frames, hollow plate frame , Shelf and square, round , diamond, and other polygonal shaped frame. Display is basically a virtual space structure, generally used in small size , weight is not heavy merchandising .


There simulation mannequins , abstract , such as different forms , different brands of clothing will choose the brand positioning , brand personality match mannequins . Rational use of the model , you can create scenes of life , to convey the brand concept, close the distance with customers.




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