Cosmetic display cabinets and display placed

Cosmetic display cabinets and display placed

  How to put your cosmetics at the mall a good showcase :
  1 , store display acrylic cosmetic display cabinets have a sense of rhythm
Do not put too rigid color points left the store is cool right is warm too uncoordinated , have a sense of rhythm with well-being .
  2 , acrylic cosmetic display cabinets show overall unity
To achieve the display of results, fully embodies the brand design philosophy , from the overall design to in-store cosmetic counters LOGO , cashier placed other details , must reflect the spirit and intent of the design and presentation .
  3 , placed in contact with cosmetics display cabinets
Product family with maintaining cargo area to show the series in the form of product display arrangement , will highlight the advantages in the design of the product structure arrangements.
  4 , practical and effective set of goods structure
In order to create an atmosphere of showing the effect of cosmetics , cosmetic showcase device structure design should fully reflect the supporting role Cosmetics Products in the actual operation .
  5 , to create a display space is reasonable, smooth, and strong guidance
The marketing concept is now more emphasis on the psychological feelings of consumers, their shopping needs plenty of free space , autonomous choice, and enhance the factors involved in guiding the behavior of in-store sales , better hidden strengthen sales efforts .


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