Crazy in summer silk taste ice cream cup

Crazy in summer silk taste ice cream cup

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Dear friends, summer is coming! What are yo waiting for, just tasting cool ice cream together!


Unique in China ice cream machine/ice cream kiosk/ice cream cart approved UL, CE, ISO, SGS.


Today we share how to choose ice cream:


Ice cream on the market varied, with the cup -shaped , with a cylindrical , rod-shaped well . Added material is also different , strawberry flavor , there are orange flavored . A variety of ice cream on the market , different brands, different prices , different materials , the quality is different, what to look out of it ?


Sometimes ice cream ingredients and processes vary greatly , consumers in the purchase marked the first look at whether the manufacturer on the packaging ; ice cream is perfectly placed in storage below -18 ℃ freezer ; packaging is intact , there is no penetration or defect, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution microorganisms ; effective date of the product is within the expected date of consumption , etc. ; whether you want to take a look at the shape of the final product has changed, if the product out of shape , there may be a product during transport or storage , resulting in the product due to high temperature to melt again due to freezing , which is likely to cause the excessive propagation of microorganisms , and the taste is worse . Experts also recommend that consumers first choice when purchasing brand-name products of large enterprises , because the quality is guaranteed.


Also, pay attention to whether the still crackling crisp . When some crackling brittle ice cream factory , but when shipped to the dealer or reach the hands of consumers already do not crisp , and tastes like chewing cotton.

Some high quality ice cream cones at the sharp end of 4-5 cm is made with chocolate , not only delicious , but also easy to make ice cream is melting down stream .


Also share some ice cream cup with transparent cover , the texture of ice cream at a glance.


If you have any questions, please tell me freely. Enjoy sunshine, enjoy summer, enjoy cooling ice cream.

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