Creative hamburger display counter donut display kiosk

Creative hamburger display counter donut display kiosk

Do you like KFC or Mcdonald’s? I think it’s hard for you to forget the food. Both adults and children like to eat hamburgers or other delicious snacks. Hamburgers are usually only sold in specialty stores. Such as the two stores I mentioned. If you go shopping and you see the hamburgers, would you buy it? I think for burger lovers, the answer is yes. In the mall, out of the shop, we see the most is the kiosks. Full of beautiful things in eyes, no matter what type, what style have. So of course, there is no shortage of burger kiosks. What does the burger kiosk look like? Anything. Because it has no fixed color, style, and size. So you can make it anything you want. Today I would like to introduce a creative kiosk. Let’s look at the pictures first.


This one not only sells a hamburger but also sell coffee and donut. These foods are very popular. The kiosk backside has a seating area where guests can order and wait and taste the food. Kiosks with seats tend to be more popular. Because people can sit down and seat. The backside also has some shelf it can be used as a storage space for many things. The backside counter is a work area it has a sink and wash some food and clean the hand. You also can put some big machines to help your work. The front side is the reception counter, you can put the cash register and the cake display. People can make a choice. There is a shelf outside the front counter that can be used for decorations such as coffee cups.

This kiosk is made of solid wood, plywood, iron, and laminate. It has more structure and the work is also complicated. You can add some decoration you want to put on the kiosk. This one looks more comfortable. If you have space and you are interested in this type, you can tell me the size you want to do, and all your requirements, then we will according to your requirements to design it. We are a customized company, and we have our own factory, you can tell me your ideas, we can arrange everything. Our price is based on the final design, so we can make a design first. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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