Detailed introduction of the mall cosmetic showcase

Detailed introduction of the mall cosmetic showcase



[Product Name] : Cosmetic Showcase Product brand.

Excellent color selection : Customized

Combination of  material : MDF, wood panels , stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel , square pass, Daixinban , plywood , particleboard , melamine board, etc.

Lights : LED , etc,Reye’s light, ordinary bracket lamps, halogen lamps , cold light lamps, warm light .

[ Description ] : This cosmetic display cabinets are our embassies designer Jame Dan designed with European exotic style , fashion, bright, easy and pleasant, is the current mainstream society popular style, blending Chinese classical and modern pop elements, your shop is the best choice.

[Features] : 1 , fine showcase selection is heightening light paint MDF , with stainless steel , superimposed acrylic and other materials, lighting effects to make your shop have ups and splendid elements.

   2 , boutique shelves , showcase, high-grade appearance , simple simple , display cabinets inside , light and easy to replace , but also easy to maintain , fully enhance your product image, brand image , corporate image , as you build a better product stage show .

  3 , display cabinet light, no electromagnetic interference , can be used in the NMR experiments display cabinets, display cabinets radar control experiments , such as electromagnetic shielding requirements of special display cabinet ; showcase light materials can be reused, saving investment, the full reach environmental requirements .

  4, there is no fixed standard, arbitrary shape, each component can be flexible splitting and installation. This product has a variety of colors . Ever-changing style , the overall effect elegant design masters do not mind , informal secular , work well, is the exhibition, shopping malls, stores showcase the best of furniture , according to commodity demand and ground position , do a standard shape or shaped Showcase .

  5 , the eco-friendly wood materials, with a special fire board with a variety of decorative materials and glass to fight the system, Showcase emitting device can be placed in hard to reach the position of non-professionals , it has anti- destructive and security.

  6 , free overall design store , the most popular elements of the most cutting-edge fashion , let your shop unique style. Direct business is booming factories, welcome to sample custom map , more joy to visit the plant .

  7 , Showcase internal light source , no UV , infrared light , can reduce damage to certain items , such as artifacts, textiles, chemicals.

[Product Price ]: Negotiable

[Tips] : (1) All of our products are generally not in stock , order. time is generally 7-15 days.

 (2) This paragraph cosmetics Showcase is our own design renderings, due to different computer resolution and the production process , there may be a slight color pictures , detailed product pictures , please kind prevail . You may also be interested in the following showcase related products : jewelry showcase, cosmetic showcase, showcase clothing , shoe , wine showcase, showcase made , purses showcase, glass showcase, showcase boutique , aluminum showcase, showcase upscale , boutique showcase, lighting Showcase, Showcase children’s clothing , lingerie showcase,etc.

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March 15th,2014


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