Do you know the craftmanship of baking paint?

Do you know the craftmanship of baking paint?

1 of the crop such as sheet metal , cutting molding: According to construction plans . Then bound molding ;

  2 needs to be done in the first place to do paint moisture treatment , moisture treatment : To prevent paint from the drum .

  (3) Information to be repaired and then polish dry , repair disposal : repair cracks , complete nail eye . If repair is not very satisfactory, needs to repair the second , third ;

  4 After the putty dry grinding , full putty : a place full of paint needs to be done putty . Showcase generally required to do three times higher putty ;

  5 after dry sanding , primer treatment : spray primer. Quality primer passes with the requirements relating to showcase , cosmetic showcase generally done six times primer ;

  6 after dry grinding , finish treatment: spray paint . High quality finish Showcase generally three times ;

  7 depending on the temperature and time settings were heated baking, baking finish : spray paint finish after . If the temperature is too low , putty and primer baking process also requires ;

  8 can not be shipped immediately , dry paint treatment: after baking finished . Need some time to dry paint talent shipments ;

  9 Among the main factory assembled Showcase 7788 , factory assembled : It is called factory production . Can be done in the factory never went to the scene to do , both to improve the efficiency and guarantee the quality ;

  10 Showcase like to unmarried girl, field devices : Showcase to live basically no large-scale live mainly electrical connection , connections, fixing , cleaning and so on. After these ten steps . Brand new and shiny.


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