Don’t ask price at the beginning for Custom made products

Don’t ask price at the beginning for Custom made products

Don’t ask price at the beginning for Custom made products

   Custom Made is an online marketplace that connects customers with independent artisans (called "custom makers") who produce custom-designed furniture, jewelry, home décor, and other personalized items. CustomMade is the world’s first and largest online seller of custom products.

   Shenzhen Unique is a professional commercial furniture manufacturer to do all kinds of kiosks,for examples,food kiosk,salon kiosk,cosmetic kiosk,jewelry kiosk,electronic kiosks,retail kiosks,outdoor kiosk,etc.Almost all of their products are custom mde.

    In my experience,many customers are ask us what is the price at the beginning.But,with no size,no requirements specifications,how we can quote a price in this situation!Our final confirmed price is decided by the size and requirements,for example,you want to add an light box,that’s not cheap!It may cost 600 USD,so,the total price would be change.And,if your size changed,or style changed,no ceiling,the price will lower,add an ceiling,the price will add a lot.That’s why i say,don’t ask what is the price at the beginning,but a rough price is available.

    There are two principles for the custom made:

    1. Custom becomes an obsession. As a shopper, once you’re empowered to get something exactly the way you want it, you will realize you can get ANYTHING made exactly the way you want it. And CustomMade   thinks you should be able to. Easily.
    2. There is some talented individual maker or some company out there who can make you exactly what you’re looking for, exactly the way you want it. All you need is a way to communicate with that maker.

    I think custom made will be more and more popular,to make a unique design and better layout,to have your own logo,own favoured style.I think every one want to be special and unique,so,shenzhen unique will provide you the chance and made your unique design and unique kiosk.If you have any problems and specifications or design examples,just feel free to tell us.

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