Donuts Kiosk | Churros Cart

donut kioskDonut kiosk in mall is a popular food kiosk business ideas. If you are looking for a profitable and low invest mall food kiosk business, starting a dount kiosk will be a good options. Donuts is a very popular and dilicious food , so you have hvae the skills you do not need to worryies about customer. However, Donut kiosk in mall are quite different from other food kiosk , such as ice cream or frozen yogurt kiosk. You need to cook it on-site and fried on-site. So, many shopping mall would not like to accept this type of kiosks unless you can deal the exhaust well.

Custom Mall donut kiosk for sale

Still thinking of doing what food business,but have no idea to choose what food or drink? Already have many people are doing coffee,cake,bread,juice,bubble tea. So may be you can consider fast food, sweet donut and churros can be a good choice.

We did many mall donut kiosks for different countries,15 years customized mall kiosks manufacturing experience give us a skilled work team and talented design team, work with us you will find start a new business idea and become your own boss is not a such a difficult and cost work. UKS is a professional mall used food kiosk manfuacturer, We custom design and manufacture food kiosk for donuts, fried potaots, chips, churros etc. Our new technolgy can easily handle the exhaust with hood down to the counter bottom cabinet. What’s more , our appealing kiosk design will help you grab more customer’s attention and drive to your kiosk spot. 

Having a small budget but want to start a mall food kiosk busienss ? Don’t worry, we have functional churros carts for you at affordable pricce.

A churro is a fried dough pastery,Churros are traditional,in Spain and portugal from where they originate.Now Churros already becomes a very welcomed fast food.If you ask wanna do churros business,rather than pay high rent to rent to open kiosk in mall,you can try do movable churro cart to sell churros outside,sell churros on places where have busy flow,you will earn more money than do a kiosk i think.We designed and did many churros carts,you can check our web,I believe you will found the model you like.