Features of jewelry cabinets

Features of jewelry cabinets

Features of jewelry cabinets:
1 , jewelry display cases , jewelry counters made of high-density fiberboard cabinet , using construction techniques piano , the first batch of putty base , after 5-8 times polished , smooth surface of the cabinet , and then spraying high-performance green paint baked at high temperatures system, color fullness , gloss uniformity , smooth feel , scrub , not scratches.
2 , jewelry display cabinet internal structure : the main part of a high -density , fire-retardant board, combined with a variety of styles of different brands need to make the shape of the cabinet , using the eligibility criteria to ensure that showcase the overall level hardware firm , interlocking , solid appearance . With the internal space to maximize storage capabilities goods .
3 , Showcase kick : 304 stainless steel edging, with cabinet paint to enhance the overall look beautiful and bright highlights Showcase grade corporate image, but more effective protection Showcase and prolong life.
4 , jewelry display cabinet lighting : Standard professional jewelry showcase longer use ordinary T4, T5 fluorescent tubes as a light source , instead of using no shadows dark areas , no heat , high brightness LED lamps as a light source , according to the needs of different situations jewelry showcase warm in the cold light sources have light points.



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