Fentons – A new design for the famous ice cream brand

Fentons – A new design for the famous ice cream brand

Fentons – A new design for the famous ice cream brand

"We owe them a lot. TYC have given us a whole new lease of life, and the whole concept, including the kiosk design has won a great deal of praise and admiration, as well as a few jealous looks from other retailers!"

Russell Hogan, Owner, Fentons

  • Client: Fentons
  • Disciplines: Interior design, < style="background-color:#ffffff;font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:16px;">Branding and Graphic design

The brief:

After the success of their existing unit in Queensway, Fentons approach TYC to reposition the brand in all aspects. The vision was to establish a modern, contemporary brand whilst utilising the heritage and tradition that is behind Gelato ice cream and the Fentons brand. The aim was to move away from the typical Italian approach to create a brand that is fun and approachable yet sophisticated and suitable for the surroundings of Westfield Stratford.

The approach:

Although the scene was set for us with a mid 20th Century American desire, the team set to by creating a wide range of mood boards to capture different eras of American styling. Working closely with the client we were able to visually pin point exactly what the client had in mind. From here the interiors team designed the kiosk in terms of planning and styling, materials and finishes. From concept through to completion, we took the design to a technical stage that allowed contractors to tender from, understand what they were to build and then on to site meetings and snagging.

The outcome:

The style of the design is a modern day twist on the American soda/milkshake bar of the 1950’s, taking styling influence from the streamline era. Bold use of red has been used to catch the customers eye and make a strong stance in its position right at the entrance from the rusty bridge. Although mainly a take-away offer, perching stools and a booth have been included to encourage customers to pause for a few minutes which will in turn attract more customers.

The outcome is a brand that is fun, dynamic yet sophisticated, that sets it apart from the current offers on the high street. Customers have already shown how much they love the brand and its ice cream by visiting in their thousands, many of which seem to take a menu for memorabilia!

Our clients are very happy with the outcome.

Date: 22, Mar. 2014

Name: Lucia Yang

Email: < mailto:sales06@uniquekiosk.com">sales06@uniquekiosk.com

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