Food Cart | Juice Cart

food cart for saleAre you looking for a food carts or food trailer for your business ? Mobile food carts and food trucks are movable business stations that you can bring your food business to the front of customer. You can start your food carts with crepes, popcorns, ice ceram, candies or even fresh fruit juice. Typically, mobile food carts and food trailer cost are much smaller than a food truck or indoor food kiosks. So, it’s perfect display stations for new starter or vendor who limited to budget.

Custom Food cart& Juice cart For Sale

Warm welcome to our page!Here is UKS.Are you still looking for a food or Beverage cart? Because food&beverage cart is very flexible,can suit different places,meet different needs,so is very popular for people who wanna start new business. UKS is a leading food cart manufacturer with over 17 years exporting experience. Our food cart and juice carts are exported all over the world with very good feedback. With a lower cost and premium quality , you can get the best advantage on our food carts.

How to choose right food cart for your business?

Over the past few years, we can finished hundreds of mobile food cart and juice cart for different customers. Some Juice carts are built for indoor usage. You can placed it inside shopping mall or airport. While others are used outdoors, such as street, gym, park, Playground etc. For inside and outside use cart materials are quite different. When we fabricate a cart for indoor, because no rain,no sun,so you needn’t worry about the weather problem. Therefore , you do not need tent or cover. So, you can choose wood to make which will lower the cost.  But we do have some roof design to give a brand advertising. As for the carts countertop because it may be willl have water and easy operation, so  Corian Stone or stainless will be a good option to make. if you want used for outdoors, you may always need change places to different locations, so will need to add wheels to make it movable. It also will need pretect from sun and water-proof for different weather situations. Typically, we will choose water-proof materials with durable quality. Then, stainless steel or Aluminum composite panel (ACP ) will be applied for surface use . Moreover, it needs a tent for stuff to work and for customers.  So you can according to your needs to choose the food cart for sale. Browse our category for the best food carts design with best price.

The above are some different styles food carts for your reference.UKS will help customize your cart as your needs,just contact us if you have any needs!