Food Kiosk

Food Kiosk For Sale – UKS is a leading food kiosk and food counter supplier in china.

UKS are one of the most important supplier of mall used food kiosks and bar counter , we customized design food kiosk counter for different foods display ,beverage and fruit display , we build excellent coffee kiosk, crepes kiosk,bakery kiosk for bread and cupcakes , unique design of sweet corn kiosk and potato kiosk, solid wood design waffle kiosks, our products range are far more large then this , we also design and manufacture kiosk for ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, juice bar and candy kiosk display , no matter what kind of food or desert business you want to start in a mall , you will need to come to UKS to find a right food kiosk. is becoming one of the most popular and favorite food kiosk collection website.

Food Stall For sale. Food stall is also one of our most popular products, we customized the stall and counter with customer requirements, and build the stall with specified drawings.

Juice bar kiosk counter and smoothies kiosk are most popular types of food kiosks , we have already build plenty of projects before  and had got very good feedback on it , The materials used on food kiosk are fire-resistant plywood to make sure the kiosk safe and strong , the counter top of food kiosk are build with men made stone , very high quality and elegant finish, and all the lights for kiosk logo are LED safe light makes the whole kiosk in charming and attractive illustration.

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When you want to start a fast food business in shopping mall or shopping center , when you want to get a food kiosk business ideas, please visit , we will provide plenty of food kiosk designs to choose.

Food Kiosk is a station or work counter used to display fast food , beverage, crepes, waffles or cupcakes ,  candy and ice cream, a successful food kiosk must contain the following character


  1. unique design of outlook,
  2. enough food display showcase and counter
  3. clean food serve area
  4. professional wiring and electricity outlet
  5. high lighted LOGO or brand
  6. fire-resistant materials
  7. strong food prepare area.
  8. cash register area

and the last and most important is affordable cost . UKS are direct food kiosk manufacturer in China, we have lower cost of raw material and labor cost enable us to provide a competitive good price ,and our years of experience in food kiosk building to guarantee our kiosk are in high quality and  finished in a professional way .

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