Furniture Material Competition

Furniture Material Competition

Solid wood furniture is popular mainly caters to people return to natural psychological, it ‘s authentic , so many people can not let go , whether antique Chinese furniture , or is luxurious European antique furniture , solid wood furniture can be called Furniture in Need.
    However, solid wood furniture has its fatal flaw , the most important is the change of moisture content makes it easy to deform , special needs careful care . For example, can not let the sunlight, not too cold or giant hot , too dry and humid environment for solid wood furniture is inappropriate . If you do not pay attention when in use, resulting in frequent switching air conditioning temperature and humidity changes is too large, even a qualified wood furniture sometimes deformation , cracking phenomenon.
    In addition, the combination of solid wood furniture components usually tenon structure and adhesives , finished generally can not be removed , it is inconvenient to move. If you encounter manufacturer strict, it is very easy to make low-quality solid wood furniture into the consumer ‘s home.
    Furniture popular mainly because it has a variety of veneers can give to a variety of different color and texture feelings. Another major characteristic of furniture is not easily deformed features. It can be said furniture exterior design changes more and more personalized .
    Furniture is usually combined with a variety of metal hardware, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, high-precision machining of furniture can be repeatedly demolished installation.
    Disadvantages furniture more in environmental protection , for example, some manufacturers to produce materials such as particleboard , veneer and no will but then , easy release of harmful formaldehyde on their whole package. The use of formaldehyde in plywood furniture production will pollute the indoor environment . When consumers buy , you can open the door or drawer smell , if there is a strong pungent odor , then mostly formaldehyde , not to buy.
     Price factor is everything
    As we all know , now buy furniture styles in addition to considering the price factor is a key point that people can not be ignored , and the high price of solid wood furniture often make most consumers stop looking .
    On solid wood furniture , the quality of its technology , the use of low timber prices have a direct impact on the level of prices of solid wood furniture . So choose solid wood furniture, first look at the material . Such as mahogany , different prices in different species . Rosewood relatively speaking as the price is better than rosewood ; red beech, red beech import price would be much higher than the domestic red beech ; otherwise white oak, maple class , class teak , ash class , oak class , elm and hardwood class and so on. The higher the grade of wood used , the better the technology, the higher the price of their furniture . Generally speaking, in terms of price , the same kind of wood , solid wood furniture, the price is much higher than solid wood , solid wood furniture and wood combined price .
    Furniture prices are generally much lower than the price of solid wood furniture , but also may be good or bad according to the brand . In general, the domestic brand furniture wardrobe prices in the million or so. But it is undeniable that some of the fine workmanship , novel style furniture import prices are likely to far exceed the price of rough wood furniture .

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