Garment factory custom paint requirements Showcase

Garment factory custom paint requirements Showcase

An internal structure : wood structure with metal accessories perfect combination of paint showcase will internal circuit wiring requirements and acceptance by mall security cabinet long-term use .

2 Select lights : LED jewelry lighting special , ordinary pillar spotlights, lamp shades as cold , warm color temperature of the lamp according to the standard .

3 material selection : MDF MDF , PLYWOOD Daixinban , commonly used MDF painted or covered with wood ornamentation or silver mirrors and other decorative panel

4 cladding : Showcase expect from proofing to cut open and then paint materials , packaging an orderly process work jewelry showcase both ends . Select the high green paint , feel smooth, uniform color , gloss , paint the same effect can be achieved with a mirror -bright, light matte can be optional, according to customer requirements .

Garment factory custom paint display cabinets using high density for the substrate, with metal, glass , shopping malls Showcase LED spotlights. Electrostatic spraying the surface , high temperature baking process , the surface color of the original company showcase more shiny , shopping malls showcase display cabinet very upscale part , to better reflect and demonstrate the effect of outstanding products.



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