Hair extensions from kiosks in the mall?

Hair extensions from kiosks in the mall?

Last year for prom, I wanted extensions too because my hair wasn’t as thick or long as I wanted it to be. I researched every type of extension and figured that I didn’t want to damage my hair with expensive "permanent" extensions (they grow out obviously). 
I looked at a kiosk at a mall, and saw a wide variety of extensions, most of them by Jessica Simpson. None of these were real human hair. They are basically Barbie hair and would melt with any styling tools, and tangle with any wear. I also thought that a couple hundred dollars was a lot for something so cheap looking. 
I continued to search online, and made my way to ebay, where I found REAL human hair in many colors and lengths. I ended up ordering mine from Wicked Wares (who’s ebay store is currently down). The color match was PERFECT, and they had great customer service. A complete set of clip on extensions were $80!! I was able to cut, curl, straighten, and wash them as much as I wanted. They were wonderful quality and I couldn’t be happier with them. I wore them to prom, for a pageant, for my cousins wedding, and for senior pictures. 
So what I recomend is for you to look on ebay. Before you buy, check out their color charts, and make sure they have a lot of good feedback. Do not buy fake hair! 
Let me know if you want to see a picture of my extensions. 


Date: 1 Apr . 2014

Name: Lucia Yang

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