High quality mall self-service cellphone card cabinet

High quality mall self-service cellphone card cabinet

We can see many self-service machines in the street, mall or airport. They are very convenient and efficient. So today i want to introduce a self-service cellphone card cabinet. Let us see the 3D design first.

This cabinet made of iron and powder spraying. It also can made of MDF and baking paint, but the material is according to your mall or airport’s approval to make it. So you can choose the materials. This cabinet’s size is 2800x1050x2150mm. The front side is display area, there are aluminum slots for hooks. Then put the card. People can get their card directly from here. Light box posters and light logo can show your brand. The bottom 3 drawers can store things. The right side is a 50 inch TV. It can introduce the products or the brand history. The back side is also a light logo. It looks more beautiful. Let’s look at the production pictures.

It’s amazing workmanship! Look very nice. It is sure to attract a lot of people’s attention. Whatever what knid of cabinet you want, we all can help you to customize it then production it. We have more than 10 years work experience in this field. We’ve do a lot of countries customers and have many returning customers. Because we always put quality as the first consideration. So our products all have high quality. And many people willing to make the cooperation with us. I hope we also make build a friendly partnership. Looking forward your consultation.

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