History of the development of the shoes display cabinets

History of the development of the shoes display cabinets

    Plexiglass 19th century have created the initial product of the weaknesses of poor wear resistance problems have access to improved, it is the presence of high intensity, no split, do not fade, high plasticity, light resistance, respectively, in foreign countries cheaper than glass and other benefits. One of the benefits of plasticity, it can twisting, folding, cutting and die-casting, the same shops, reveal frame shape should be the same foundation, Showcase policy is to create a neat, orderly scene, brilliant air supply suitable for shopping.

     Consistent size, consistent material characteristics consistent with the situation (important implied in the top, feet, angle, surface), the color adopted unanimously, so to get the same sense of revealing frame. Making it stand for shops reveal material, has a wide range of modeling possibilities. Be placed into the extent of the differences cited reveal its breed, vertical lists reveal differences specifications and grades of the same species. Appropriate space not only for the goods cited longitudinal, but also for salesman shelves, delivery of goods, clean supply of convenience.


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