Houston mobile phone store designs custom display furniture

Houston mobile phone store designs custom display furniture

Hello. Everyone. Welcome to our website. Today I am going to introduce a mobile phone store. This store furniture is ship to America. And the name of the store is Cell Geeks. Have you ever heard of it? As we all know, when we want to make some display furniture for our store, we will make the design first. Because we need to see what the furniture looks like, we can see the size, shape, and color, we can make the change. Production is according to the design to do it. So the design is very important. It can according to your shop floor plan to design some suitable furniture. We can also see the effects ahead of time. OK, let’s look at the design first.


We can see the shop is not very big. So there is not a lot of furniture. Only have some high aluminum trough display cabinets. And some semicircular glass counter. The theme of this dot is red, which goes with its logo. So it looks very comfortable. All our designs are based on customer’s requirements, sometimes combing our own views, but they sent to the customer for confirmation. If you are only a small store, you can only choose to make some display cases. Or if you have your favorite size or style, you can send me pictures, then we can design similar furniture for you. Let’s look at some production photos.

We can produce all the designs. The material we use MDF and baking paint, glass is tempered glass, and the logo is the acrylic logo. Display cabinets and glass are equipped with light belts. It can provide lighting for your display and male their display more clear. Let’s look at some feedback pictures.

This is the feedback chart sent to us by the customer. He is very satisfied with our product. Our company has been established for more than then years and has been committed to providing customers with the best service. If you also want to buy some furniture, you can send me your shop floor plan, we can help you make the design first. Then we will know what you really want. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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