How do display cabinets keep longer fine?

How do display cabinets keep longer fine?

How do display cabinets keep longer fine?

1 , display cabinet should avoid direct sunlight . Although there is no summer autumn sun violent, but prolonged sun exposure coupled with the already dry climate , the wood is too dry , prone to cracks and partial fade.
2 , to prevent dust. General use of mahogany , teak , oak , walnut and other wood production more upscale commercial display cabinets have beautifully carved decoration , if not regularly cleaned ash, tiny cracks easily fouling affect the appearance , but the dust is so wooden Business showcase rapid " aging " of the killer.
3 , fine display cabinet to keep moist. Commercial wooden display cabinet can not rely on water to provide moisture , that one can not simply wipe with a cloth , but should use professional commercial display cabinets care essential oils, it contains easily absorbed natural orange oil wood fiber , wood in the water can be locked to prevent deformation of dry wood , and nourish the wood , the wood from the inside to the outside so that splendor commercial display cabinets , display cabinets to extend the commercial life.
4, to avoid scratch hard objects . Do not allow the cleaning tools reach commercial display cabinets when cleaning. Usually have to be careful not to let the hard metal or other sharp object collision commercial display cabinets to protect its surface does not appear flawed marks and hanging wire and so on.
5 , fine display cabinet should be regularly maintained. Under normal circumstances, every quarter, you can only play a wax , so commercial display cabinets will not look shiny and surface cleaning , it is easier to clean up.


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