how the place would be appropriate Cosmetics stores in malls showcase

how the place would be appropriate Cosmetics stores in malls showcase

  One: the bed is unfavorable to the mirror, because a mirror reflection of other things, when people in the fuzzy state, may be so frightened. Bed also shoulds not be under a beam, because lying under the beams, the subconscious mind will feel oppressed

  Two: store display cabinet put the position of the cosmetics box to stay away from the window, for two reasons: one is because of the TV screen is light, can produce the effect of reflective, admired TV when eyes uncomfortable. Both near the window will be infected with dust, when it rains, the rain is more likely to splashed equipment, affect the operation, even happen leakage phenomenon.

  Three: violent sunlight can make cosmetics store display cabinet surface fade, directly affect the durability of reveals ark, so regardless of what the material manufacture, can put in by the window for a long time, especially the room towards the west, more want to avoid.

  Four: the cashier desk should be below the elbow for activities. Condole top, and the distance of the ground had better not more than 2 meters, art has two layers of tank, the first layer is best to smooth inspect can see inside place objects as the ideal height, the second is to reach high can take into things is preferred.

  Five: store display cabinet most of the lights on the market is given priority to with droplight, use must be properly, such as cosmetics store is too low, will pay attention to the height of droplight, too low get in the way of walking. Droplight is installed in the middle position, the light will be more average. As for the height of droplight, the ideal distance and desktop about 50 to 60 cm, if too high may feel dazzling, too low will bump at the end.


Sunny Chen

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