How to be appropriate when put the cosmetic kiosk in mall

How to be appropriate when put the cosmetic kiosk in mall

   A successful cosmetic kiosk can attact to the people,and it is related with the place it puts.If the place is not appropriate,it will effect the show of the whole store.So how to be put and it will be appropriate?

  1.The bed should not be put on the oppsite of the mirror.When people is fuzzy,they will be afraid because the other thing will be reflected on the mirror.

  2.The showcase of cosmetic should be away from the window.There are two reasons : First, because the TV screen when the light is illuminated , it will produce reflective effect, it is watching TV when the eyes uncomfortable. Two windows will come close to contaminated dust , rain , rain and more likely to spill equipment, affect its operations, or leakage phenomenon.
  3. intense sunlight would fade surface cosmetics mall display cabinets , display cabinets directly affect the durability , so no matter what material to manufacture its adoption can not be placed next to the windows long , especially towards the west of the room , the more you want avoided.
 4.Cashier ‘s desktop should be below the elbow to facilitate activities. Top of the cabinet and from the ground should not exceed 2 meters, artistic cabinet has two words , the first layer is best to head to see the object placed inside the ideal height, the second layer can take places hands held high take into something better.
 5.Lighting mall display cabinets on the market mostly dominated chandeliers , must be used properly, such as cosmetics stores too , we should pay attention to the height of the chandelier , too low will hinder walking . Chandeliers installed in the middle position , the light will be more average . As for the height of the chandelier , the ideal distance is about 50-60 cm with the desktop , too high might people feel magnificent , too will hit the head


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