how to build a mall food ice cream kiosk ?

how to build a mall food ice cream kiosk ?

how to build a mall food ice cream kiosk ?



When you walk in shopping mall , you will see many different kinds of mall kiosk, such as retail food kiosk,  phone display counter , jewelry display counter , cosmetic display showcase  etc .but i think the popular is food kiosk. the most popular will be is mall food kiosk .  It has a huge sales market and can be used by people of different ages . It is a great opportunity for many entrepreneurs . the question is coming , how to build a mall food ice cream kiosk ? Please allow me to briefly introduce . 


1.Plan and determine the size and budget of the shop .

When you plan start a ice cream shop . need learn the entire industry and professional technical training guidelines . equipment procurement, brand positioning, and overall project budget .


2.Find a good location in shopping mall . 

A good location can be a great help to your business . First of all, make sure that there are enough customers for the whole shopping mall .This requires you in the site when you must be convenient traffic, busy streets . 


3. Build a eye-catching ice cream kiosk design :  

A unique designer is essential if you want to attract more customers . Beautiful and comfortable layout is the most basic factor to create a store , a clean and unique look will also help your business  .





4. More details about the kiosk material choose .


As you know we are a direct factory  mainly do customized , so ,all of anything about this kiosk can customized for you , so , before build this kiosk, we wil confirmed the below information . 

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