How to buy a customized food kiosk from China

How to buy a customized food kiosk from China

 How to buy a customized food kiosk from China

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Nowadays, < target="_blank">food kiosks are very popular in most western countries for its easy establishing and low cost. Therefore, in China, lots kiosk customization manufacturers established these year. Then the problem comes-How to buy a good food kiosk from China?

As to buy a kiosk, quality is the first thing we should consider. And these mainly depend on materials and manufacture draft. So if it is convenient, site checking is necessary. At least, you should contact with the manufacturer, asking something about the material and draft you are concerned.

In China, the most popular B2B platform is < target="_blank"> and In the platform you can find lots of manufacturers. Of course, it is necessary to filter from those potential suppliers.

Here are some points to filter a good manufacturer:

1. Whether have own factory/workshop?

2. Whether it has own design group?

3. What materials do they use?

4. Design and manufacture draft.

Before find a manufacturer, the following questions should be answered:

1. Sell what?

2. Where will the food kiosks be installed?

3. What size would it be?

4. What style?

After finding a manufacturer, then it comes to design. This part should be treated with circumspection. So modification is very necessary. Do not fear trouble.

When design confirmed, it comes to production. During this step, you should keep in touch with manufacture every week to see what going on and make sure in time delivery.

        After about 20 days, you can receive you kiosk usually.


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