How to choose cosmetic display showcase

How to choose cosmetic display showcase

[How to choose cosmetic display showcase?]

Environment  Friendly Becomes the  Prime Standard  When We Choose < /" target="_blank">cosmetic display showcase

Please take specialcare to check the newly purchased < /" target="_blank">cosmetic display showcase. If the Formaldehyde exceeded the standard,this kind of Cosmetics Display Showcase could be countedas ‘chief culprit’ of indoor air pollution and harm of people’s  health problem; In addition,when we choose  cosmetic display showcase,for the one withdrawers ,we need to open the drawers one by one to make sure that drawer is smooth &the lock catch is tight enough.

The fundamental requirements for making and using < /" target="_blank">Cosmetics Display Showcase is solid anddurability.we need to fully explain the structure of cosmetics display showcase as well as how to repair and how tomaintain in instruction sheet.Formaldehydeemission reflects the environment protection standards;if formaldehyde emissionis too high ,that indicates enterprise is in lax attitude when purchase and useraw materials.

Besides,craftsmanship is also one of the important factor to guarantee quality of Cosmetics Display Showcase.If some quality problems exists,it is mainly caused by some factory who try to lower costthrough saving materials and reducing procedures. Some factory is in laxattitude when select raw materials,this may cause material fall off and structure deform during production;Thus it is important to make sure the quality of craftsmanship.For example,Theedge bands on shutter or showcase body is easy to peel off if we haven’tseal it tightly when do edge-sealing; Or worth ,some display showcase haven’t done edge-sealing on the surface or in the showcase body.we should pay attention to all these.All in all, during the production of cosmetic display showcase ,edge-sealing is also very important.


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